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Mature Woman

Are you in the
"Well Past" the Postpartum group?

You're the generation of "oh thats just something that happens once you have children", and then its never talked about again.
Congratuations on taking that first step towards proving that you can have a strong core and not have "those issues" for the rest of your maturing life.

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What I Offer

Core and Pelvic Floor Assessment

Booking this Service will allow us both to get a better understanding of where your core is at, what issues you'd like to address and how I can best support you and your unique needs.

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Core And Pelvic floor Personal training

Once you have completed the Core and Pelvic Floor assesment, this program will give you the leg up you need to get back to whatever it is you love to do, even if that is just laughing without peeing yourself.
This 6 week intensive program will allow you to get to know the deepest depths of your core function, with in person practice and doing your homework, you will excel.

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Core for the Mature

Once you have completed the Pelvic floor and Core screeening, you will be able to opt to join this weekly class. This is a core and pelvic floor strengthening and strech class. 
One hour in length, you will be able to successfully continue your work on the pelvic floor and also gain the required strength needed to get back to the things you love to do.

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