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Pelvic Floor Physio

Maryla Podgajny

Pelvic floor physiotherapy has become a part of a holistic approach to one's well being.  While pelvic floor dysfunctions are common, they are not easily talked about.  This should change with a knowledgable, caring approach to allow for the fullest quality of your life.

I understand how to work with my clients to ensure they receive the best care possible. My thoughtful, sensitive and personalized approach means I’m fully committed to the health and well-being of all my patients. 

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Ben Durie

Ben Durie is an exceptional gift you can give your new born, and yourself. Ben works closely with many newborns here on the coast, his gentle approach and exceptional skill allow healing in the newest of babies.

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Pregnant Woman with Mother

Bellies and Babies

Strength in Support

Bellies and Babies is a free program offered by the Sunshine Coast Comunity Services. It is a lovely little program where you can connect with other mothers, discuss issues and have a nice hot meal. 

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Parent and Tot

A place for your growing family

Parent and Tot is a free program that provides a safe play space for you to go and meet other families, have a hot coffee, play, sing and enjoy a meal togerher. 

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Kids Blowing Bubbles


Child Care Resource and Referral

CCRR is a place Families can get information on choosing quality child care, referrals to child care that best suits their needs, assistance with child care subsidy applications, workshops and access to a lending library of toys, books and parenting information.

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