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Energetic Pressure Release

Seeing Past your walls

How to write about what this is would be like trying to tell you where the next rainbow is going to appear in the sky. To write about what it looks like or feels like is impossible as it looks and feels differently to everyone. Your journey with me energetically, will be as unique us as your genetics are to you.

 Talking you through what I am seeing and feeling in the body, can give you an opening to release past traumas and pain from as early on as childhood. Saying things outloud or in your mind we work together to release the trauma on a deeply moving energetic level.

I will never know or assume what your body is holding until you are in my hands, at that time I can start reading your energy and support you in the release of it. 

Most people leave feeling different, I often see sadness and tears, anger and yelling, and realizations that you had no idea was stored trauma until I find it and support you through the release of it.

I do not remove the memories, but I do remove the residual energy and pain associated with it in the body.

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