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Energy Healing

Energetic Alchemy

Trying to write about what this experience would be like trying to tell you where the next rainbow is going to appear in the sky. To tell you what it looks like or feels like is impossible as it looks and feels differently to everyone. Your journey with me energetically, will be as unique to us as your genetics are to you.

Talking you through what I am seeing and feeling in the body can give you an opening to release past traumas and pain from as early on as childhood. Saying things out loud or in your mind, we work together to release the trauma on a deeply moving energetic level.

I will never know or assume what your body is holding until you are in my hands, as at that time I can start reading your energy and support you in releasing it. 

Most people leave feeling different, I often see sadness and tears, anger and yelling, and realizations that you had no idea was stored trauma until I find it and support you through the release of it.

I do not remove the memories, but I do remove the residual energy and pain associated with it in the body.

Life coaching

Embodied Alchemical Intensive

This program will help you reexamine and rebuild your methods of functionality from the core of your conditioning patterns. You will start with support from me to accessing your body's own innate ability to heal and reconnect with its energetic body. With that success we will delve deeper into your walls and coping patterns, preventative trauma patterning and somatically shifting your coping and surviving strategies. From there we will move onto your strengths, power and move you from just living to thriving. What’s included: 2 alchemy sessions 2 patterning wall releases 2 somatic reactive and vagus nerve sessions 1 personal training session a week 2 one on one sessions a month Optional add ons: Holistic nutrition Additional personal training There is no absolute timeline for this process. Depending on your results and feelings in moving the stuck and stagnant energetic patterning, this could take you a minimum of 3 months to a year. Please note that the weekly personal training does not begin until at least 4 or all 6 alchemy and somatic sessions have been completed.

TRX Workout

Strength Classes

No impact, body weight strength training using a suspension system called a TRX.

TRX Strapes

Intro to Strength Class

This is a great follow up class designed for those who have completed a 6 weeks minimum of pelvic floor and core program. This intro to strength will build up your muscles strictly using your body weight, the suspension trainer I use helps stabilize your joints and supports while enhancing each movement.


Pelvic Floor and Core Class

This small group setting allows for the most direct form and functionality of the core. Starting from its most fragile of beginnings, build and grow the muscles to support you into what ever fitness and healthy lifestyle you're looking for.

Yoga Class

Silk Yoga Flow

This playful practice will have you laughing and releasing, We will use the silk in hammock formation to allow for some deep supportive stretching and some inversions. We will be keeping this practice open and lively.

Pregnant Woman Working Out

Prenatal Fitness

Join others in their varying stages of pregnancy who are wanting to meet, strengthen and learn about their changing bodies. This one hour class will provide strength training with the suspension trainer, pelvic floor and core connection and deep seeded stretching for all those challenging aches and pains.

I’m so glad I took Mel’s prenatal fitness class. It kept me strong and feeling good throughout my pregnancy. Mel is extremely knowledgeable and with a small size class she really pays attention to everyone’s proper form. It made me feel confident that I was working out in a safe way throughout the different stages of pregnancy!

Marie Noel

What to Expect

This video gives you a little look at my studio space and a brief explanation of what an energetic alchemy session with me would look like.

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